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Building Influencer Marketing Platform – $ Startup?

influencer Marketing Platform for all …

Who are you? I asked myself… and the answer was a geek. – HAHA.

I am open to learning anything and solving problems & challenges.

so around 2017, I initiated a mindset to do something in the influencer marketing industry.

The future of advertising is data, but a collective intersection plays an X-Factor as an endorsement is a Trust Shared to relevancy which seems to stay forever, so we want to bridge to anything relevant for not only profit motive but with vision and mission to create an industry and support creator economy for social kind.

With a side Research and failing multiple times, I am coming up with a module as a saas platform where anyone can collaborate.

I won’t Call it Tech Scams, But I had little experience with a few different companies.

Running Out of Budget is the main problem… for anyone. I guess ))

Finally, an old WORK colleague of mine is ready to help me again who is a full-stack, so once again, the fire has started to solve the billion $ industry.

I am open to connecting with investors, advisors, anyone willing to join the team

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